Handmade Custom And Orthopedic Footwear For Men’s And Women’s

Vietnam is one of the largest footwear manufacturing countries in the world. Therefore, there are many experienced shoemakers in our country. Himistore shoes factory has many years of producing shoes for domestic and export markets. In 2018, the market for handmade custom and orthopedic footwear is rich in potential, but the suppliers are not too many, so that’s why we launched this service to the markets. Initially, we only served the domestic market. After two years of producing handmade custom shoes, we have gained a lot of experiences from different customers. Therefore, from 2020 we have expanded our service globally.

Himistore Handmade Custom Shoes

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Why do customers look for handmade custom & orthopedic footwear services?

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Himistore Footwear Size Chart

From the beginning, I would like to go through some of the reasons that customers want to make custom shoes. 

Firstly, over feet size to the normal shoes in the markets

Customers with very small feet: Adult women who wear shoe sizes from 31 to 35 and men wear shoes from 35 to 38, it is almost difficult to find shoes in regular stores.

Small Size Feet

People with big feet: Contrary to people with small feet, people with big feet are also very difficult to buy shoes. Usually, women wearing shoes from 42 to 48 or men from 45 to 51 are our customer groups.

Big Size Feet

Secondly, people with wide feet, large ankles or big ball bones.

People with wide feet with large horizontal boards but short length. Wearing the right size shoes will cause foot pain, buying a larger size will cause your heels to slip. Therefore, shoemaking will be the optimal choice.

Wide Feet

People have normal feet, but their ankles are too big to fit into shoes.

Big Calf

Some customers with abnormally enlarged foot bones are also unable to buy shoes in regular stores.

Shoes For Big Ball Feet

Thirdly, disable people

Low foot high foot: One big foot, one small foot or one low leg, one high leg are popular customers in this case. This is our group of regular customers.

Some customers with disabilities and deformities also need to make shoes according to their own requirements.

congenital disorder feet

Last but not least, customers love handmade shoes or they like to wear shoes that they design themselves. They are people with particular interests, often high requirements.

Shose Design

Some handmade custom and orthopedic shoes are manufactured according to customer requirements

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  • Shoes for men.
  • Height increasing shoes for men
  • Sandals for men and women.
  • High-heeled low-heeled shoes for men and women.
  • Wide feet footwear.
  • Shoes for the disabled. 
  • Women’s designer shoes. 

We use high quality leather imported from Spain or Italy. Products are carefully manufactured, sewn to ensure the best quality.

For women’s shoes, we suggest using microfiber material instead of  leather. Because Microfiber will be softer and softer, the durability is equivalent to real leather.

Himistore Handmade Custom Shoes

Đóng giày boot nam

Dáp Chân Thấp Chân Cao

What is the ordering process?

  1. Step 1: Send a request for advice via whatsapp: +84909909830 (Isabelle)
  2. Open Whatsapp (picture)
  3. Step 2: Confirm the request, complete order form.
  4. Step 3: Pay for your order
  5. Step 4: Receive goods

Production time is 4-6 weeks from the date of payment. We will produce and deliver earlier than expected depending on the requirements and difficulty of the product.

The price list for shoe making at the request of Himistore is as below

  • Men’s Short Neck Boots: 349USD/pair. Discount 50USD for first order → 299USD
  • Men’s Shoes: 249USD/pair. Discount 50USD for first order → 199USD
  • Men’s Sandal/Slippers: 199USD/pair. Discount 50USD for first order → 149USD
  • Women’s Short Neck Boots: 249USD/pair. Discount 50USD for first order → 199USD
  • Women’s High Heels: 199USD/pair. Discount 50USD for first order → 149USD
  • Women’s Flat Sandals/ Slippers: 149USD/pair. Discount 50USD for first order → 99USD

(Note: the price do not contain transfer fee and freight charge)

International shipping fee is: 49USD/pair

For special requests, we will have a separate quote for each customer. Contact us at Whatsapp: +84909909830 (Isabelle)

Himistore Handmade Custom Shoes

Payment Methods and Shipping

  • Pay in advance 100% of the order value by Paypal/ Payoneer/ Western Union/ MoneyGram/ Bank Transfer.
  • We will delivery by express shipping services such as DHL/Fedex/UPS 

Contact Information

Himistore Fashion Vietnam Co., LTD

  1. Address: No 14k, Dang Van Ngu Street, Ward 24, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 700000
  2. Hotline: +84909909830 Isabelle (Whatsapp)
  3. Email: himistore.com@gmail.com
  4. Facebook:

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